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Semana Santa in Totonicapán, Guatemala

Semana Santa, or the Holy Week of Easter, is a hugely important celebration in all of Latin America, and Guatemala has its own special traditions. In Totonicapán, home of the Catrinka Girls Project, it is celebrated in many ways, from baking Easter bread:

.. to reenacting the fight between those that protected Jesus and those that betrayed him, known locally as los cinturones (the belts) vs. los judios (the Jews):

What Semana Santa in Guatemala is most famous for are processions, and colorful sawdust carpets that are laid painstakingly on the streets where processions will pass, and thousands of feet will brush them away. 

At 1 am on Easter Sunday, the first procession, of the Lord entombed, concludes. 

In the morning, it is followed by the procession  of Jesus Nazareno.

In the afternoon, women young and old line up to carry la Virgen de Dolores (the Virgin of Sadness) on their shoulders in her procession. 

April 19, 2017 by Megan Reilly Cayten