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Promotional Opportunities

Interested in featuring our products? We have 3 key options right now:

1. Become a Catrinka Affiliate


    2. Influencer marketing

      • Have a social media following who you think would be interested in learning about our products? Let us know how we can collaborate at!
      • We're primarily looking for Instagram opportunities for accounts that have 1,000+ followers.

      3. Instagram posting: Taking a picture of one of our products & tagging our Instagram account

        • We will give you 15% off your next retail purchase for anyone who posts a picture of our product(s) to Instagram after purchasing it.
        • To qualify:
          • Let us know at
          • The picture cannot depict our products or anyone in the image in a negative or offensive way.
          • The caption cannot be in any way misaligned with our company values and mission.
          • The post must (1) name the product, (2) tag @thecatrinkaproject, and (3) use the hashtags #catrinka and #thecatrinkaproject.
          • You must explicity give us the right to re-post the image (crediting you) on our Instagram account: @thecatrinkaproject by emailing us at with the permission and the image if your Instagram settings do not allow for re-posting.


        Have questions or another idea? Feel free to let us know at