La Coronela Oaxaca woman traditional textile

“I think of language as culture made audible and clothing as culture made visible.” - Eric Mindling. In a presentation at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, Eric, a photographer, showed us the women, girls and some men of over 50 communities in Oaxaca, wearing their traditional dress. He "inspires hope that through his own storytelling there can be a renaissance of heritage and craft consciousness on behalf of the 50 communities he spent time with. 'Our necklaces speak of our power as women," Mindling says of a woman on the screen. “She is called 'La Coronela.' She is retired now but she was once a colonel in the Mexican Army.'"

Read more via Handeye Magazine, buy Eric's extraordinary book, Oaxaca Stories in Cloth, and check out our products from Oaxaca: the Josefina Tote and the Te Quiero bracelet. 

Photo of La Coronela by Eric Mindling.

December 14, 2016 by Megan Reilly Cayten