New Video!

We are excited to share our brand new video with you! Please check it out - just takes 2 minutes - and features mostly the amazing women and girls of Catrinka.

Two of those amazing women are the filmmakers, Kristen Williams of Leeway Collective - a female-focused content studio - and Katie Nave Freeman. Kristen lives and works in the same neighborhood, and learned about Catrinka when she bought a Vidalia Necklace at a local fair last year. She reached out by email with a pitch to make a new video that tells the story of what Catrinka has become, post our partnership with Girl Rising. The way she tells it, "I felt a pull to team up with your important brand in some way." She recruited Katie to develop the vision and make it a reality, and the two of them wrangled help from editors, camera people, even a stylist and three really cute girls who volunteered to be models, to bring this story to life.

The most important piece of it for me was their unwavering faith in my business and in me - and this is the story I wanted to tell, one of what women so often do for other women: we lift each other up. Throughout the process, Kristen was always at hand with an inspiring word and a reminder of why she had gotten us into this in the first place - because she felt my story was important and wanted it told right. And she made it happen.

I hope you enjoy it! And I would love to hear your stories of women investing in other women, and to share them on our blog. Please reach out to

October 02, 2017 by Megan Reilly Cayten