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Mexico Earthquake Relief

Mexico was hit by two large earthquakes in September, affecting Oaxaca and Chiapas on September 7th, and Mexico City on September 19th. Over 450 people lost their lives, and hundreds of thousands lost their homes. People remain terrified by aftershocks. The photo (by Adriana Zehbrauskas) is of Maria Guadalupe Benitez Garcia, 6, in a shelter in Jojutla, Morelos: "The houses fell, people were afraid because it was shaking. They were crying. I wanted to go back home and see my mom." 

For those who are inspired to send a little help, we compiled a list of organizations for your consideration:

For Oaxaca, consider the Alfredo Harp Foundation and Citi Banamex fund as those organizations are matching donations 1:1: Account 23, branch 100 in the name of Fomento Social Banamex (Clabe for electronic transfers is 002 180 010 000 000 235.) The fund has reached over $4 million to date.

For Chiapas, Chamuchic - a brand we respect that works on the ground - recommends Ecology, Sustainability and Innovation, which is working in one of the hardest-hit communities on the coast, Paredón, organizing support centers and communal kitchens. They have set up a bank account that funds those services and also basic needs (food, hygiene, health) to the population that lost their homes. See below for more information:

The International Community Foundation will send 100% of your donation directly impacted communities and is vouched for by people we trust. 

Broadly, Project Paz, a NYC non-profit helping Latino children thrive in their communities on both sides of the border, has set up a Mexico Earthquake Fund to support those affected by both quakes. Per Project Paz: "100% of donations made through the El Paso Community Foundation and its partners in Mexico will go to help victims of the earthquakes in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Morelos, Puebla, and Estado de Mexico. We are working various organizations in Mexico, including Fondo Unido México, Fundación Comunitaria de Oaxaca and Programa Companeros, through its Red de Coaliciones Comunitarias de Mexico."

October 05, 2017 by Megan Reilly Cayten