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How one girl started a girls education revolution in Nepal
Sheskalo Pandey, 14, from Kapilvastu, Nepal, went on a hunger strike when her parents suggested she marry. She came up with a plan to make handicrafts to pay for her school fees, and won her brother over to her side. "With his support, their parents caved – agreeing that Sheskalo could attempt to pay her own school fees for six months. But if she failed, that was it: marriage was the only solution. Her mother nodded while Sheskalo made her business proposal, but her father remained silent. “I thought it was because he didn’t approve,” she says. “But the next day he came home with a rusty bicycle he’d spent all his savings on. He said that I could pay him back when I started making money. And that at least this way, he knew I’d be safe.” And then Sheskalo started a girls education revolution in her small town. Read more via The Guardian.
November 12, 2017 by Megan Reilly Cayten