We are honoring Fashion Revolution week, which encourages people to ask #whomademyclothes? (We are asking #whomademybags too.) According to the Independent in the UK, "Often the answer will be “poor Bangladeshis”. But similar working conditions prevail across the globe, from South America to China – and the big brands seem blithely unconcerned."“ One answer for consumers who care is to buy from littler brands with transparent supply chains and explicit commitments to employ people fairly, like Catrinka.

"Most of the public is still not aware that human and environmental abuses are endemic across the fashion and textiles industry and that what they’re wearing could have been made in an exploitative way,” says Carry Somers, the co-founder of Fashion Revolution, who argues that transparency is the first step towards persuading brands to take responsibility for working conditions across the supply chain. Which is why, this week, people are taking those “label selfies”, tagging the brands of what they’re wearing, and asking #whomademyclothes.

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label selfies from Fashion Revolution week

April 21, 2016 by Megan Reilly Cayten