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Celebrate Women

These are the women who make our bags in Mexico

From left to right: Blanca, Francisca, (Megan), Adela, Marina, Paulina, Luz, Yuritza, Lidia and Lupita. And the Virgen de Guadalupe who graces the co-op floor is with us too. 

Megan spent in-depth time with Paulina, working on an update to the tote that carries her name, and with Lidia on a satchel that will be named after her. And we are developing a new take on the Guadalupe tote. Stay tuned for new pieces from Mexico this fall!

From left to right: Megan with Paulina, Lidia, and the textile woven on a backstrap loom by Guadalupe in Chiapas. 

Megan also indulged her textile passion with artisans and exhibits featuring work from Chiapas to Michoacan. Enjoy the colors of Mexico below!





August 17, 2015 by Megan Reilly Cayten