Regina Scarf (silver)


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Size: 70" long x 29" wide

Material: synthetic wool

Handmade in Honduras


A bright and cozy accent for the cold winter already upon us, in silver and black for a little drama. The handwoven pattern adds softness.

Impact and the woman behind the scarf:

The Regina Scarf was handwoven by Lenca indigenous women in western Honduras, working with Regina Aguilar, an artist and entrepreneur dedicated to creating sustainable products based on the traditional and ancestral knowledge of Honduran artisans. Regina began working with the community in San Juancito, an ex-mining town, in 2000, to make handmade paper, and today she trains, employs and empowers more than 100 artisans around the country. Catrinka's founder Megan lived in Honduras from 2000-02, and her husband, an architect, designed and helped build the 'Magic School' in San Juancito where students of all ages come to learn and create products that Regina sells around the world. Megan reconnected with Regina earlier this year and is overjoyed that Catrinka's first scarf offering is a collaboration with Regina and the amazing Lenca women of Honduras.