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LOVE Handloomed Cotton Scarf


Size: 32" long x 78" wide

Material: 100% handloomed cotton

Handmade in India

Simple handwoven elegance, bearing the message of the day: LOVE. The words flip orientation in the middle so they don't ever read upside down. This scarf is light, airy, divinely soft and blends traditional craft, modern pattern and a timeless message.  

The Woman Behind the Scarf:

This scarf was handloomed by Maloti, mother of one daughter, in West Bengal, using the jamdani technique. In jamdani, native to Bangladesh and West Bengal (India), the pattern of the design is drawn on paper, and pinned beneath the warp threads. As the weaving proceeds the motifs are worked in, like embroidery. As the weft thread approaches the motif, the weaver takes up one of a set of bamboo needles, each of which is wrapped in different color yarn needed for the pattern of the motif. As every weft thread passes through the warp, the weaver sews down the intersected portion of the pattern with one of the set of needles until the pattern is complete (thank you to dosa for this excellent description).