Become a Catrinka Ambassador

Are you looking for a way to make a living on your own terms or earn a little extra income while also empowering women and girls? Do you love sharing your fashion finds with friends, and sharing the stories of companies that give back to women and girls?

Consider becoming a Catrinka Ambassador! It is a fun, easy, flexible way to help other women and girls towards financial independence and do the same for yourself.

Catrinka is an ethical fashion accessories brand dedicated to investing in women and girls. Women make our products; girls in the Catrinka Girls Project get education and mentoring from the proceeds; and women entrepreneurs like you sell them, earning a commission and having fun with fashion while having a positive social impact on other women and girls. 

This is what it takes: share our products online with your friends and family (we will give you marketing materials) and offer them a personalized discount code for purchase. Every time that code gets used, you earn 20% commission. At the end of each month you will get paid your commission, and receive a personalized statement of the number of days of work for women and education for girls that you made happen. Sound good? Please fill out this quick application and we will be in touch right away. 


We are revamping the program! Please check back again in the next few days for updates!

October 17, 2015 by Megan Reilly Cayten